4 Tips to Help Fight Common Colds and Other More Minor Illnesses

4 Tips to Help Fight Common Colds and Other More Minor Illnesses

The chances are that you know at least one person who never seems to contract a cold, has a complete tolerance to pollen and even though they are not the cleanest of people, never even suspected they had contracted coronavirus during lockdown.

Now, although it is certainly accurate to say that some people have a natural immunity to many airborne viruses, there are also many ways in which you can help your body fight such illnesses.

Continue reading to discover four tips to help fight common colds and other more minor illnesses.

1.    Consume More Essential Vitamins

Firstly and as you would expect, one simple change to your daily routine that could make a huge and positive difference to the number of colds you contract every year is to concentrate on eating more of the right vitamins and minerals.

Specifically, you should ensure you are getting enough vitamin C (from lemons, kiwi, oranges and grapefruit), vitamin E (from sunflower seeds, peppers and peanuts) and vitamin A (from eggs, milk, tomatoes and fish oils).

2.    Look After Your Teeth

Most people assume that the majority of airborne viruses and other strains of colds enter the body through the nasal cavity and whilst this is true, the air you breathe is also indicative of your overall health.

This is why optimum oral hygiene is important, not only to strengthen your immune system, but to also help maintain your digestive functions and keep your lungs healthy and strong. Register with a private dentist in Worcester and find out for yourself how to take care of your teeth, tongue and gums.

3.    Stop Smoking Immediately

Unlike in the golden era of Hollywood, when smoking cigars and cigarettes was glamorised and even, in some places, sold as actually being a healthy alternative to food, everyone living in the modern day is fully aware of the myriad problems long-term smoking can cause.

Make an appointment with your GP and ask how you can work towards stopping smoking completely and in the meantime, try and differentiate between the cigarette breaks you feel you actually need to concentrate and focus on your work and the smokes you take just to pass the time or out of habit.

4.    Make Sure You Get Enough Sleep

The fourth most important way you can help your body to stave off viruses and other types of sicknesses is to make sure you are getting enough sleep every night and moreover, that your sleep is a deep and contented one.

There are many ways to seek to improve your sleep, including banning smartphones and tablets from the bedroom at least half an hour before you go to sleep; avoiding any fizzy drinks, coffee or tea after 9pm at night; and increasing the amount of physical exercise you engage in.

Additionally, you could also look into redesigning your bedroom with a more relaxing aesthetic in mind and making sure your room is not too hot at nighttime.